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23 / 09 / 2016

The work initiated by the European Association of Polyols producers (EPA) on the labelling of "non-crystallising sorbitol syrups" (i.e. those containing less than 80% sorbitol on dry substance) in cosmetic products in the European Union has resulted in the attribution of an additional CAS number and INCI name for these compounds.

Consequently, the following Tereos products - Meritol® 160, Meritol® 161, Meritol® 162 and Meritol® 160 Pharma - now have two CAS numbers with two related INCI names:
- The historical existing CAS number 68425-17-2, with the INCI name “hydrogenated starch hydrolysate”.
- The additional CAS number 1259528-21-6, with the INCI name “sorbitol”.

Therefore, cosmetics manufacturers are permitted to label the non-crystallising sorbitol solution ingredient as “sorbitol” or “hydrogenated starch hydrolysate” on their cosmetics products.

Our documentation (mainly MSDS) has been updated with the additional CAS number in order to reflect this evolution.
For the pharma grade material, both the product specification and the product regulatory datasheet have also been updated.

CAS number: 68425-17-2
Sorbitol content: < 80 %

CAS number: 1259528-21-6
Sorbitol content: < 80 %
INCI name used in cosmetics: SORBITOL

CAS number: 50-70-4
Sorbitol content: > 80 %
INCI name used in cosmetics: SORBITOL





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