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The range of starch-based solutions for the corrugated industry is composed of native and modified starches as well as starch blends derived from wheat, maize and potato. All of them are suitable for Stein Hall and Minocard processing.

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners's native and modified starches allow the following benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • High speed machinery
  • Water resistance
  • Low consumption
  • No borax manutention
  • Decreased waste
  • Top quality printing (washboarding)

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners provides a wide range of products from different vegetable origins, which allows the company to bring an appropriate answer to its customers’ needs.

Native starches: Meritena® and Amyzet®

Meritena® and Amyzet® native starches are suitable for processing in any type of adhesive preparation system. They allow a good performance in standard board grades.


Modified starches: Mylbond®

Mylbond® is a range of modified starches, which has been specifically developed in order to reduce glue consumption, increase processing speed and reduce waste figures, and outperform native starches on modern corrugators.
These starches display essential properties for an optimal bond performance:

  • shear stability
  • adapted visco-elastic behaviour
  • strong tack upon gelatinisation

This provides improved board quality, as boards are flatter and stronger. Therefore, Mylbond® starches are our customers’ first choice for use on high efficiency corrugators.

This product range is subject to continuous innovation in order to exceed the expectations of Tereos Starch & Sweeteners customers. Three new product lines have been developed over the last year.

Product Range

Type Raw Material Product Name

Native Starch
Wheat Amyzet® 200
Maize Meritena® 100
Potato Meritena® 400

Modified Starch
Wheat Mylbond® 200 series
Maize Mylbond® 100 series

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Modified starches for the corrugated board industry

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