Vital wheat gluten

Vital wheat gluten

Product family: Native wheat protein
Brand name: Amygluten
Labelling: wheat gluten or wheat protein. The presence of wheat proteins must always be clearly indicated on the label.

Vital wheat gluten is the insoluble protein fraction of wheat. It is widely used in bread applications for its visco-elastic properties.

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners is a leading global producer of vital wheat gluten. The company is recognised as being a reliable and flexible partner. Tereos Starch & Sweeteners offers a tool enabling to recommend gluten qualities that meet customer's application requirements.

Visual aspect

It is a powder with a creamy white colour.

Production process

Vital wheat gluten is obtained by physical extraction. It is separated from wheat flour by washing out the starch fraction and recovering the insoluble protein fraction. It is dried carefully in order to preserve its functional properties.

Major characteristics

Amygluten is a natural food ingredient, containing a minimum protein content of 75% of dry substance (Nx5.7).
Tereos Starch & Sweeteners has different plant processes producing vital wheat gluten with different functionalities.

Technological properties

Vital wheat gluten displays visco-elastic properties, allowing it to expand and form a network while kneading. The visco-elastic properties depend on the glutenin/gliadin ratio in vital wheat gluten composition.
Vital wheat gluten is used for protein standardisation of flour. It allows dough rheology development and baking volume improvement. It is also used as a texturiser.

Nutrition & health properties

Amygluten is suitable for vegetarians.

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