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The Sweeteners Academy is a free to attend educational programme. It provides you with the knowledge that will help you to reinforce your own technological know-how around sweeteners: sugar, glucose and fructose syrups, stevia extracts, and their combinations. Our team of application experts, technical support and product managers are available to answer your questions.

Who is it intended for?
This training programme is mainly aimed at R&D managers and food technologists. Nevertheless, if you are working in procurement or any other position, you are also most welcome to attend.

How is the webinar programme composed?
• Session 1: Meeting the sugars reduction challenge (3 modules) – language: English
• Session 2: Fructose (3 modules) - language: English
• Session 3: Stevia extracts (3 modules) - languages: English, Spanish, Italian
• Bonus Session: Glucose syrups (7 modules) - language: English

 How to register?

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Session 1: Meeting the sugars reduction challenge with Sweet&you

Market expectations around sweeteners are changing. How can the food & beverage industry turn sugars reduction into opportunities? Understanding the specific benefits of each sweetening ingredient is not enough, synergies between them should also be taken into account. After an introductory module (module 1), let’s focus on beverages (module 2) and sweet bakery (module 3).

• Module 1 (08/11): Step into the new sweet: solving the nutrition / taste / texture / cost equations when reducing sugars in food and beverage formulation.
The market is evolving fast around sugars reduction: hear about the latest trends on new products and regulations. We will present an overview of sweeteners properties and how to get the best out of their combinations, keeping in mind that reformulation challenges around sugar reduction go beyond sweetness.

• Module 2 (09/11): Reducing sugars in beverages
Hear about the lastest market news and specific challenges of sugars reduction in beverages. Case studies will illustrate how to optimize sweeteners combinations.

• Module 3 (14/11): Reducing sugars in sweet bakery and cereal products
Hear about the lastest market news and specific challenges of sugars reduction in sweet bakery and cereal products. Case studies will illustrate how to optimize sweeteners combinations.

Session 2: Fructose

Fructose syrups are widely used in beverages, fruit preparations and jams, dairy products and ice creams, bakery products... They bring sweetness but also help modulate taste, texture, colour and shelf life. Today, fructose syrups are increasingly considered by the food & beverage industry as an alternative for the optimisation of sweetening formulations. In parallel, European consumers are looking for objective information to feed the debate around sugars intake. This training will enable you to understand what fructose and fructose syrups are, where they can be found, how they are produced, how to use them. We will also provide a clear overview of the health and nutrition aspects of fructose.

• Module 1 (16/11) : What is fructose? How are fructose syrups produced
An introduction to fructose, fructose syrups production, market trends and consumer perception.

• Module 2 (21/11) : Nutritional and regulatory aspects of fructose
What you need to know about nutrition science and end-product labelling.

• Module 3 (22/11): Properties and functionalities of fructose syrups
Let’s understand the key factors behind choosing the right ingredient.

Session 3: Stevia extracts

This webinar will present why and how stevia is performing in Europe and how to deliver your own great results. Steviol Glycosides, better known as stevia extracts, are widely used in food and beverage applications. They bring sweetness with zero calorie, from natural origin. This webinar programme composed of 3 independent modules in English, Spanish and Italian, includes a package of exclusive market information and formulation tools.

• Module 1 (16/01) : 10 good reasons to use stevia in Spanish food & beverages (in Spanish language)
• Module 2 (23/01): Why stevia extracts are your best ally for reducing sugars in beverages (in English language)
• Module 3 (25/01): 10 good reasons to use stevia in Italian food & beverages (in Italian language)

Bonus Session

We put at your disposal the recordings of the 7 Glucose Academy webinars broadcasted in 2016.

The link is not yet available. For the time being, please contact us.

Glucose Academy Main Course

• Module 1 Glucose made easy
This module contains the essential information to give you a clear overall vision of glucose syrups and sugars. We will provide you with a synthetic overview that will enable you to explain it to colleagues and the general public alike.
• Module 2 From product specification to delivery
Production, handling, storage and the logistics of liquid sweeteners.
• Module 3 Properties and functionalities of glucose syrups
These are key factors behind choosing the right ingredient.
• Module 4 Nutrition, regulatory and marketing
What you need to know about nutrition science, end product labelling, consumer perception and consumption figures.

Glucose Academy Gums & Jellies

• Module 1 Properties and functional benefits of glucose syrups in confectionery
Understanding why you need glucose syrups
• Module 2 Choosing the right glucose syrup for confectionery applications
Vital know-how for your new product development and product reformulation projects
• Module 3 Case studies
Modulating taste, texture, processability and stability in gelatin jellies, chewy candies , marshmallows, etc...


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