Safety is clearly set as Tereos Starch & Sweeteners’s top priority. Indeed, the main objective is to ensure the safety of collaborators and become an “accident-free” company. As such, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners's plants do not produce, store or transport products unless it can be done safely. Employees must respect the Tereos Starch & Sweeteners golden satefy rules in all their daily activities.

Each department at each site is responsible for developing and implementing risk and safety management programmes which comply with Tereos Starch & Sweeteners’s safety principles:
1. People’s involvement and attitude are the most critical elements in the success of the safety programme.
2. Safe behaviour is a condition of employment
3. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, no matter the function or position
4. Everyone has authority on safety: each employee is accountable for preventing injuries to people and/or avoiding damage to assets.

In these safety management programmes, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners strives to:

  • set up safety audits at each level of the organisation.
  • regularly update safety policies, work instructions and standards.
  • analyse all accidents or incidents in order to identify and eliminate their causes.
  • regularly train its staff-members and encourages good practices.
  • communicates internally on its KPI’s, on the improvement of practices and on the corrective / preventive measures which are applied to optimise knowledge sharing.
  • recognise and reward safety achievements.


Tereos Starch & Sweeteners is Sedex certified. Join us at Sedex ! (

Tereos Starch & Sweeteners's safety mascot is called SAM (Safety and Me)

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