Tereos Starch & Sweeteners complies with health, hygiene and safety practices.

Safety is Tereos Starch & Sweeteners’s first priority. Tereos Starch & Sweeteners endeavours to produce, store and transport its goods safely and guarantee the personal safety of its employees, subcontractors and customers when they are in contact with its products. Safety coordinators of different sites manage the safety policy and constantly educate and train the employees and partners.

All production facilities comply with international food safety and quality standards, including ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 for food and EFISC for animal feed. These standards ensure that the products marketed by Tereos Starch & Sweeteners comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Operating and marketing activities are regularly audited internally and externally by customers, certification bodies and local authorities.

The company aims to protect the environment by using the best available technologies, optimising its manufacturing processes and improving its products. Tereos Starch & Sweeteners guarantees an efficient use of natural resources and an on-going roll-out of its sustainable development policy.

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