Tereos “laureate” of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge for its “G en Vie” vegetable proteins project

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28 / 04 / 2015

Anne Wagner, R&D Manager for the Tereos Group, receives the award in the Vegetable Protein category

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, French President François Hollande presented the Tereos Group with the Vision Award for a vegetable protein project, as part of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge. The purpose of this competition was to bring forth the experts and future leaders of the French economy, by means of seven strategic objectives specified by the 2030 Innovation Commission, presided over by Anne Lauvergeon.

Meeting proteins needs is a central part of the challenges of worldwide nutritional issues. Currently, 70 percent of the proteins consumed worldwide is animal-based. The development of high-quality vegetable-based proteins for nutritional purposes is one of the solutions to the growing demand of the world’s population. Vegetable proteins are a major focus area for the Research & Development Department at Tereos, which is also the world’s second-largest producer of wheat proteins. The innovative “G en Vie” (“nutritional taste and balance for a new vegetable-based meat”) project proposed by Tereos aims to develop an appealing nutritional product that promotes healthy eating habits, and also benefits from the natural wheat-protein resources that exist in France.

Vegetable proteins: a major focus area for Research & Development at Tereos
Promoting the consumption of vegetable proteins in our diets involves having a food product that approximates the color, flavor, texture, and nutritional quality of meat. The “G en Vie” technology developed by Tereos offers various vegetable protein-based product formulations and allows for the addition of other ingredients, thereby making it possible to adapt the product to regional tastes and to optimize its nutritional composition. For example, the tests carried out showed that it was possible to incorporate up to 40% of ingredients such as beans, chickpeas, vegetables or even fruits into a vegetable-based steak. Another benefit of this technology is that the dry quality of the product sold by Tereos requires no refrigeration or freezing, thereby constituting a major logistical advantage, especially for large-scale exports and protein-deficient geographic regions.

"This award represents another step forward in the development of vegetable proteins in France. The “G en Vie” project will enable Tereos to respond to evolving markets and new nutritional trends with a high-quality product," declared Alexis Duval, President of the Executive Board of the Tereos Group.

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